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Stop Junk Mail and
Manage your Inbox

Hosted Email Security and Continuity Solution compatible with any email system can can be implemented in just minutes. NoSpam Mail Protection stops junk mail, viruses and provides true mail continutity acting as a mail server backup solution.
For years my company has been getting spam email by the hundreds each day.... We settled on Digital Canvas No Spam [Mail Protection]. Since, we have not had one virus make it into our system as well as blaintant spam. This program works exactly as described, and requires very little attention to do its job with 100% effectiveness. It was the perfect solution for our company. I would highly recommend this service.
Robert C.
CP Media Group, Inc.

No Spam Mail Filtering

Improve productivity of servers and employees by reducing the volume of junk mail getting through an existing anti-spam solution. The service can retain detected spam messages in the control panel outside of the company's network, while allowing each user to access these messages at any time to check for any genuine mail that may have been caught by the spam filters. No Spam in your mail box, it's blocked before it gets to the server and your inbox. No More Spam.


Backup Mail Server

Continue accessing, responding to, and sending email messages, even in the event of an on-premise mail server or network outage. All mail is queued by the service before being delivered to your mail server. Once the mail server is online, the mail will be automatically delivered. It's a completely "hands-off" backup mail server. No more missed email.


Zero Hour Virus Protection

Over 90% of viruses are transmitted by email. Block new or emerging "zero hour" virus threats before those threats can be detected by traditional signature-based AV solutions.


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